l tamtam registra la presa di posizione dei Vescovi Cattolici e del Consiglio delle Chiese Cristiane del Malawi

che chiede con urgenza la necessita’ della pace in questa veglia in attesa della marcia di protesta contro
la presidenza del paese che ha perso il senso della direzione da seguire per il bene del paese.
L’urgenza viene dal modo in cui il presidente, incapace di ascolto della sua stessa gente, sta distruggendo 20 anni di crescita democratica nel paese.

The Joint Communique of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi(ECM) and the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC)

We, the Church Leaders of the two Mother Bodies, the Episcopal Conference of Malawi(ECM) and the Malawi Council of Churches(MCC) met today on Tuesday July 19, 2011 to deliberate on issues affecting our Nation. Having observed and listened with keen interest on the turn of events and activities, particularly those planned to take place tomorrow July 20, 2011, We hereby make the following statement.

In respect for the love, care and concern for the people of God and people of good will, we request:

  • that all parties concerned should adhere to peace and refrain from any form of violence
  • that all members of the two Mother Bodies should commit themselves to prayer in finding the lasting solutions to the problems and challenges facing our country
  • the Police and the general public should take responsibility of protecting citizens of this country and refrain from any action that would worsen the situation at hand.

WE thank God for all the blessings that have been endowed on Malawi as a Nation. We therefore appeal to all Member Churches of both Mother Bodies to engage in meditations and prayer at different levels in all places and at all times. We humbly bring all our concerns into the hands of the Almighty God for His timely intervention and    continued peace in our country. “Peace  is what I leave you, it is my own peace that I give you…..” (John 14:27).

May God continue to bless our Nation.

The Joint Communique issued in Lilongwe on July 19, 2011.

Signed by:


Rt. Rev. Dr Joseph Bvumbwe Rt. Rev. Joseph Mukasa Zuza

MCC Chairperson ECM Chairperson

Rev. Dr Osborne Joda-Mbewe Rev. Fr Emmanuel Chimombo

MCC General Secretary ECM Deputy Secretary General

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